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Project: Complete Garden Solution, Kibworth

Fencing  |  Patio  |  Turfing  |  Wooden Edging  |  Shed  |  Raised beds

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The Transformation

The Detail

The Result

The old lawn was completely removed

and re-leveled, to give a step up from

the lower patio, adding another level to

the garden.


The old patio was removed and a new

Indian Sandstone patio laid, with a

more decorative multi-sized slab pattern.


The old shed was removed, and the area

was cleared, with a new split-level

patio laid, with contrasting wooden edging.  


The existing borders to the back and side

of the garden remained, but were built-up

and contained within wooden sleeper edging.  


A new shed was put up at the side of the

house, along with two raised beds for

vegetable planting.

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Making sure that the details are taken care of is arguably the most important part of the project.  







Seemingly small details such as finishing the

edges with the right gravel, to complement the slabs, and integrating essentials such as drains make a project stand out.



       It’s the details that make all the difference, because we live here and look

at this every day, we’d notice if something wasn’t quite right

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      I love the way the small-sized gravel border just finishes off the patio, it looks great against the chunky wooden sleepers too!

The garden appears much larger than before, because the design has been streamlined, and simplified.  The use of heavy wooden sleeper-style edging gives a formal effect, to contrast

the natural shapes of the plants. There is

much more room for each area of the garden to function properly now - the higher level patio area is perfect for dining al fresco, and the raised beds are ideal for growing vegetables.

      I’d definitely recommend Brian, my garden is exactly as I’d pictured it in my mind. He’s done a brilliant job, not only in what he’s done, but how he went about it. He’s professional and reliable, but most of all he’s hard-working, and really puts in the effort to get the results.